Company development strategy and future goals

The first five years:2010-2015      Keywords take root

In March 2010, in the most ignorant years, Hefei Kiwi Heavy Machinery was set up! At the beginning of the company's establishment, it was in a period of downturn in the crane market, coupled with the company's single product variety, weak technical force, and poor sales channels, which caused us to falter and experience difficulties in the development process. However, it is in such an environment that our mind and body have been truly tempered, and our will has been truly tempered. Because we love the crane industry and must continue to carry out the crane business for a long time, we must not be afraid of difficulties. And stick to the end. Through a series of enhancements and unremitting efforts, such as improving product performance and expanding sales channels, we successfully got out of the predicament and are gradually recognized by the market and customers!

We are determined that in the future we will deeply take root in this fertile ground in our hometown, continue to move forward on the entrepreneurial avenue full of opportunities and challenges, persevere and work hard to realize our values and pursue our dreams.

The second five years:2016-2020      Keyword growth

In early 2016, after the company moved to a new location, it began to readjust its enterprise management model and product sales direction, recruit talents, vigorously develop new products, introduce high-end equipment, optimize product structure and production technology, participate in various crane professional exhibitions, and pass various types of crane exhibitions. Internet channels actively explore the international market. With the joint efforts of all employees for several years, the company's popularity in the domestic and foreign industries has rapidly expanded. Under the global financial crisis and market downturn, the sales performance has continued to increase year by year, and the products have been sold to more then forty countries and regions, the manufacturing process and quality of products have been recognized by most customers at home and abroad.In the five years from 2016 to 2020, our product development, manufacturing process, design level and other capabilities have also been greatly improved, which is a very important five years in the company's development and growth.

The third five years:2021-2025 Key words acceleration

In 2020, the company’s new plant on Daihe Road was completed, all light and small lifting equipment production workshops and office premises were moved to the new site. The company’s production capacity was further improved, the employees’ office and living environment were greatly improved, and the original Daguo Industrial Park factory was renovated. , Re-layout in accordance with the production process of large cranes, specifically for the mass production of European crane main beams. In the third five years, we plan to realize the mass production of large-scale European crane main beams on the basis of keeping the original product structure unchanged, and we will focus on product development, production, and quality control to reduce product defect rates. To enhance product competitiveness and bring greater satisfaction to dealers and customers. The company also expects that in the third five years, the annual sales will exceed the 100 million yuan mark, the tax payment will be greatly increased, and at the same time will continue to improve employee benefits and increase employee happiness.

The five years from 2020 to 2025 must be a key stage for the accelerated development of KIWICRANE. We believe that we can achieve the set goals, and we are full of confidence in this.

The fourth five years:2026-2030      Key words beyond

At present, China attaches great importance to the manufacturing industry. National leaders and governments at all levels strongly support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Various favorable policies are emerging one after another. The products made in China are now flourishing, and they will definitely bear fruit in the future. Against this background, KIWICRANE will insist on cultivating in the crane industry and make unswervingly good products. According to market development trends and customer diversified needs, it constantly adjusts the company's development direction and service scope, following the market pace, Repay the country, society, customers and employees with high-quality products, good reputation and excellent results. In the fourth five years, our goal is to have the ability to build a better and larger intelligent factory again, to increase the tonnage of the crane, to achieve stronger functions, more precise quality, and more output high. We are determined and confident to make Made in China better and go further.

We firmly believe that as long as we are down-to-earth and persevering in doing people well, doing things well, doing products well, and doing good services, we will be recognized by more and more customers at home and abroad, so as to ultimately achieve our maximum value, Beyond our lofty dreams.