Mobile jib crane

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The mobile column jib crane is very suitable for situations that need to change the workplace frequently, because the crane can simply move with the workstation. When in use, the jib crane can be moved to the designated position with a forklift or manual push. Therefore, the position of the jib crane can be accurately matched according to the operation requirements. It is suitable for small weight, occasional or temporary use occasions, such as equipment maintenance.

The maximum lifting weight of the equipment is 1000kg, the maximum arm length is 4 meters, and the rotation angle is 360°. The counterweight base has telescopic legs. When lifting, the legs are opened to increase the stability of the equipment. The legs are retracted when moving, which can reduce the volume of the equipment.The lower end of the base is equipped with four steerable wheels. The wheels are made of high-strength polyurethane, which has high hardness and does not damage the ground of the plant. After the brake is turned on, it can be used after being manually pushed to the station that needs to be lifted.