Enclosed track crane

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After rigorous calculation and scientific design the enclosed track crane has the advantages of light structure, convenient installation, stable operation, high strength, light usage, high handling efficiency, and strong safety. The manual-running enclosed track has low resistance and stable operation. It is light and labor-saving during materials handling. It has low noise. It is suitable for working areas with small lifting weight and span, and has higher work efficiency. The electric running rigid rail is equipped with a frequency converter. It runs without noise, starts and stops flexibly, and is smooth and stable in use. It is suitable for lifting weight and exaggerating large working areas. Each set of equipment can be equipped with multiple sets of main beams, which can realize multiple tasks. Work at the same time, reducing equipment investment.

Enclosed track cranes are the leader in light and small lifting equipment. Conventional equipment has a maximum tonnage of 2 tons and a maximum lateral coverage area of 10 meters, which not only realizes the lightness and energy saving of light and small cranes, but also solves the work position to a certain extent. The problem of heavy lifting weight is a good helper for station lifting and assembly operations.