Double girder overhead bridge crane

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The European-style cranes produced by KIWICRANE are divided into two types: European-style single-girder cranes and European-style double-girder cranes. They adopt all-European configuration. The crane traveling, trolleys and hoisting operations are all frequency conversion or dual-speed operation. Efficient, safer, more energy-efficient, quieter, higher lifting height can be achieved under the same height environment, avoiding space waste.

main feature:

1. Main beam: H-shaped main beam with full-page splicing, whole plate welding, light weight, optimized design, low height, compact structure, high strength and stable operation.

2. End beam: European-style end beam adopts a rectangular tube, which is processed at one time by an automatic CNC machining machine to ensure its concentricity. The driving motors adopts a closed internal transmission method with a three-in-one reduction motor to further improve the transmission efficiency.

3. Cross power distribution: cross power distribution adopts C-shaped rail with flat cable configuration, with cable trolley, small friction coefficient, smooth sliding, avoiding entanglement, more beautiful assembly effect, and convenient use.

4. Electronic control system: The electrical control box is the electrical control system on the crane, which is generally composed of electrical components such as contactors, transformers,inverters, and phase protectors. All the electrical control cabinets produced by kiwicrane are sprayed with plastic Processing, electrical components default to Schneider brand, external aviation plug connection, sound and light alarm, remote control receiver, etc. can be equipped outside the box, and the aviation plug can be directly inserted when assembling with the crane. Wiring, simple operation, greatly saving installation time and avoiding losses caused by installation errors.

5. Lifting mechanism: The lifting mechanism adopts European-style single-beam wire rope hoist and adopts C-shaped structure design. It has compact structure, stable operation and accurate positioning. It can provide all tonnage requirements in the range of 1t-20t. The frame part of European-style double-beam wire rope hoist and The electric hoist is a one-piece structure, which occupies a small space, increases the lifting height, has a compact and beautiful structure, and is optional within the range of 3.2t-80t.

The high-efficiency hoisting motor imported from Germany ensures that each hoist has excellent performance, safety and reliability, and a higher working level. The electrical components in the electric control box are branded by Schneider. The operation and hoisting full two-speed configuration is better to increase the hoist. The application of new technologies such as high operating accuracy and efficiency, frequency conversion control, braking energy feedback and safety monitoring system make the wire rope electric hoist always in the forefront of the industry.

6. Long travel power supply: The Bus-bar is mainly divided into seamless conductor, single combined conductor and enclosed conductor, etc., which are mainly used for power supply of the whole crane, and the outer is material made of rigid polyvinyl chloride insulation material, and the internal conductor is mostly copper, which can better ensure the conductivity of large currents.