HHBB type electric chain hoist

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The HHBB electric chain hoist produced by our company has a maximum lifting tonnage of up to 250,000 kg, and is basically divided into two models: standard headroom and low headroom.

The standard headroom chain hoist is used under normal working conditions. Generally, low headroom chain hoists are used when the height space is limited. Our company’s electric chain hoists are also divided into two types: electric operation type and fixed type. Electric operation type ring The chain hoist has full electric operation for lifting and lateral movement. The fixed chain hoist is electric for lifting and does not have the function of lateral movement. Generally, it is equipped with equipment for running sports cars or working areas that do not require lateral movement. Hoist lifting is divided into There are two specifications of single-speed hoisting and double-speed hoisting, which can be selected according to usage requirements.

HHBB type chain hoist adopts high-strength alloy body with beautiful appearance and compact body. It adopts two-stage gear transmission. The high-speed stage is helical gear transmission. Therefore, the transmission is stable and the noise is low. The main parts of the equipment use high-alloy steel materials and have been specially Processing technology has the advantages of high strength and good wear resistance. The hook is made of high-strength alloy steel and has high toughness after strengthening heat treatment. Even if the body is damaged due to overload, the hook will only be deformed. Brittle fracture will occur. The product chain adopts FEC G80 super heat-treated alloy steel imported chain, which is suitable for rainwater, seawater and chemical environments. The remote control handle has its own emergency stop button, and the power supply of the equipment can be forcibly cut off at any time in case of emergency.