end carriage for under hung crane

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The end beams of suspension cranes produced by our company are mainly used for suspension cranes with a lifting weight of less than 10 tons and a span of 16.5 meters. The design structure is reasonable, the carrying capacity is strong, the operation is stable, the headroom is small, and the safety is strong, and it is easy to cooperate with the under hung crane.

The wheel is made of forged steel (45#). After the wheel flange is geared, it is processed by heat treatment to ensure the wheel pressure and strength of the wheel. With our company's KW series soft start three-in-one motor, it can realize soft start or Use frequency conversion control to achieve two speeds; the structure is welded with high-strength channel steel, and the end beam is equipped with a track sweeping version, which can effectively clean up the debris on the track and make the wheels run more smoothly on the track. Both ends are equipped with polyurethane buffer blocks, and the crane runs When the limit is reached, the physical limit function can be realized.