Hollow shaft type end carriage

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The end beam is the operating mechanism of the crane. It is one of the main constructions of the crane. It is composed of wheels, box body and driving mechanism. The design and technology of the end beam of our company conform to the latest FEM and GB standards. The types of end beams produced include most common types at present .

The European-style structural end beams produced by our company are mainly aimed at European-style electric single-beam cranes with a lifting weight of less than 16 tons and a span within 30 meters and European-style electric double-beam cranes with a lifting weight of less than 100 tons and a span of 34.5 meters; it has a simple and lightweight structure. Large load, strong overload capacity, high safety, easy installation and use, and easy maintenance.   

The wheels are made of alloy steel (42CrMo), the structure uses the national standard rectangular tube, and the welded box beam is used for the large wheel end beam. The drive uses a three-in-one geared motor, which has the advantages of high working level, low noise, more energy saving, and more beautiful. The running speed is variable frequency or variable frequency double speed according to the requirements. The end beam is equipped with a track sweeping version, which can effectively clean the track. The object makes the wheels run more smoothly on the track, and the two ends are equipped with polyurethane buffer blocks, which can realize the physical limit function when the crane runs to the limit.