Open pinion end carriage

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The end beam is the operating mechanism of the crane, which is composed of wheels, box body and driving mechanism. The design and technology of the end beam of our company conform to the latest FEM and GB standards. The types of end beams produced by our company include most common types.

Our company’s open gear end beams are mainly for single-beam cranes with a lifting weight of less than 16 tons and a span of 31.5 meters or less and a double-beam crane with a lifting weight of 32 tons or less and a span of 31.5 meters; it has compact structure, light weight, perfect installation and use, and easy maintenance. Features of maintenance and low cost.

The wheels are made of forged steel (45#), the rim of the wheel is hobbed, and the heat treatment process is carried out to improve the strength and pressure of the wheel. With our company's KW series soft start three-in-one motor, it can realize soft start or use frequency conversion The control realizes two-speed; the structure uses the national standard high-strength rectangular tube, and the end beam is equipped with rail sweeping plates, which can effectively clean up the debris on the track and make the wheels run more closely on the track. Combined with the polyurethane buffer block, the crane can realize physical Limit function.