DRS wheel block with double flange

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The DRS wheel box produced by our company, as a modular operation drive product, can be used in the crane industry (carriage operation mechanism), logistics and warehousing industry (stacker, shuttle, platform trolley, etc.) and other industry equipment operation mechanisms . It has the advantages of stable structure, wide versatility, large carrying capacity, high working level, easy connection, accurate installation, etc.

Modular product design saves time cost and design cost for the design and production of the whole machine equipment. At the beginning of the whole machine design, our technical engineers can assist in selection and finalization, and can provide product drawings and product selection materials , The selection and finalization of the geared motor, the equipment design only needs to reserve the interface according to the size of the DRS wheel box, and the DRS wheel box products and product accessories can be quickly installed by directly docking the interface during installation. The DRS wheel box has more than 4 installations. Method, the most suitable installation method can be selected according to the operating conditions and requirements.