Double girder wire rope hoist

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       The European-style single-beam wire rope hoist produced by kiwicrane adopts C-shaped structure design, compact structure, stable operation, accurate positioning, and can provide all tonnage requirements in the range of 1t-20t. The frame part of the European-style double-beam wire rope hoist is integrated with the electric hoist. , Small space occupation, increased lifting height, compact and beautiful structure, optional in the range of 3.2t-80t.   

       The optional German brand hoisting motor ensures that each hoist has excellent performance, safety and reliability, and a higher working level. The electric appliance adopts the Schneider brand, and it runs and hoists at full double speed. The application of new technologies such as increased hoist operation accuracy and efficiency, frequency conversion control, braking energy feedback and safety monitoring system makes the wire rope electric hoist always in the forefront of the industry.