Intelligent articulate jib crane

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The intelligent lifting articulate jib crane is a high-efficiency intelligent lifting equipment with 360° rotation coverage and intelligent lifting of heavy objects. It is suitable for high-end assembly industry. The cantilever is made of rectangular tube material. The low headroom design can be mounted with intelligent electric or air hoist, the overall mechanism is light and handy, easy to operate, can adjust the rotation resistance according to actual use needs, an excellent choice for light-load jib cranes.

The intelligent hoist has a levitation mode. The system will automatically detect whether the weight and time of the attached object reach the set value to determine whether to enter the levitation mode. After entering the levitation mode, the operator only needs to apply a small force to the load to lift Heavy objects weighing up to 500kg can be operated with one hand.

Switching between manual and smart suspension mode The handle of the smart hoist is equipped with an infrared sensor, which can automatically identify and switch between three modes: lock mode, hand-held mode, and suspension mode. When the sensor does not detect the operator, it is in the lock mode. After detecting the operator, it becomes the hand-held mode. At this time, the device can be operated and enter the floating mode for labor-saving and efficient heavy lifting.

The intelligent hoist with intelligent protection device is equipped with an emergency stop button and a visual display interface, which can immediately stop the equipment in a critical situation with one button. In addition, it also has a wire rope anti-loosening device, and a forced cooling device.

The handle of the smart hoist is a coaxial pressure handle, and the handle has a photoelectric sensor, display screen or remote control function, all of which reflect its intelligence.

The maximum lifting weight of the equipment is 600kg, and the maximum arm length is 8 meters. It can realize various operation modes such as hand grip, automatic suspension and remote control. It is an excellent choice for high-end assembly and precision processing stations.