Column type manual jib crane

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The column-type manual jib crane produced by Kiwicrane can be basically divided into three types, the Cable-stayed manual jib crane, the aluminum alloy track jib crane and the truss-type manual jib crane. Each product has its own advantages and is suitable for different material handling demand.

The Cable-stayed type manual jib crane is equipped with a diagonal rod design and has a light weight, so it can have a larger effective arm length. It can be easily and ergonomically operated for all specifications of the effective arm length.

On the basis of the Cable-stayed type manual jib crane, we designed an aluminum alloy track Cable-stayed manual jib crane. This equipment has the same structure as the conventional Cable-stayed manual jib crane, and has similar advantages and characteristics, but this product the cantilever is replaced with aluminum alloy track, which makes the trolley run smoother and has less resistance, so that the crane itself has a higher working level, lower noise in use, and a more beautiful appearance.

In kiwicrane jib crane family, there is also a truss-frame manual jib crane. The under-supporting cantilever design better guarantees the force and effective lifting height of the cantilever. The cantilever adopts enclosed track and is designed on the column. The circle orbit device can make the cantilever rotate 360°, or limit the rotation angle at any time through the adjustable stop, so as to realize the 360° coverage of the manual cantilever without dead angle.