Under hanging crane

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The European suspension crane produced by KIWICRANE is suitable for the transfer, assembly, overhaul and loading and unloading operations of mechanical processing workshops, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshops, warehouses, stockyards, power stations, etc. It can be divided into double beam and single beam cranes, and can also replace ordinary double beam cranes. Used in the production workshops of the textile industry and food industry.Its compact and solid beam structure design increases the available space, and the box-shaped (welded H-shaped steel) beam optimized by the computer is used as the main load-bearing beam.

The operating mechanism adopts the internationally used hard tooth surface, helical gear and self-lubricating reducer.

Through the side cantilever, the traveling range of the trolley can be extended beyond the crane gauge, increasing the lifting space.

Due to the unique design of the end beam and the small limit size of the hook, the heavy objects can be quickly lifted to the end of the plant, and the construction area can be optimized.

The modular design is highly interchangeable, and the wheel load can be precisely arranged according to the crane span to ensure the best movement performance.

The step-less speed regulation is adopted to control the walking speed of the trolley, so that the shaking of the lifting weight is small, the positioning is accurate, and the operation is convenient, safe and reliable.

The electrical components are world-class Schneider products, large-capacity contactors, and integrated continuous load electronic monitors for overload.

The maximum lifting capacity is limited by the electronic overload switch on the wire rope suspension device.

The brake adopts an automatic conversion device of high-voltage start and low-voltage operation, which realizes the rapid synchronous start and braking of the brake and the driving device.

The electrical connection between the control switch and the running motor and the quick plug-in connection of electrical components make field installation quick and avoid connection errors.

According to user needs, variable frequency control of lifting and running motors can be selected.

The remote control can be installed optional, and there are German HBC, Taiwan Yu ding and other brands for users to choose.